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Add option to exclude app store modules in Find advanced


I use the 'Find advanced' option quite a lot, for example to find unused items in order to keep the project clean. However, when doing so, quite a lot of results are shown from App Store modules like Community Commons. I think it would be very useful to be able to exclude these modules in the search results, so you can focus on the modules you are actually developing and maintaining. This could be useful for most, if not all, options in the 'Find advanced' menu.


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Yes to this. I’m sure the results for find unused used to be sorted with “my” modules at the top – which was useful. However now they are shown in alphabetical order of modules, which means my modules are maybe somewhere in the middle. Either way. showing me unused items in Nanoflow Commons (for example) is of no use to me


Yes need this as well. And on top of that also the ability to keep the filters you have selected when you refresh.


I now need to reselect the document types continuously but when I clean up certain flows, other flows become unused.


Good idea, oh and add a filter option so we can filter pro module. Überhaupt a filter in any kind of ‘Find result’.