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Hide/Show Layout when editing page in modeler


Hi all,

most pages (excluding popups) use a layout as master which is of a complexity such that is uses up a lot of space in the editing view in the modeler.

Without working in fullscreen mode this is often taking 50% of the editing view that is available. But, how often do you really look at that section?

For this reason I'd like to have an option to show/hide the layout of a page, so that I more quickly see the relevant content.


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This is a really good idea


Although the Design mode helps a bit, I still like this idea for the Structure mode very much!


This idea would be really great. Like you said I have to scroll all the way down because of the presentation of the layout, which is not useful in most of the time.


Agreed! I'm also wondering if this could improve modeler performance, as less has to be rendered (only the parts of the page that are actually editable).