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Make activity Open Page accept more than one parameter.


Make activity "Open Page" accept more than one single object. Make it also accept more than one single object, a list of objects and accept a variable. 

Currently, activity "Open Page" only accepts  one parameter from the calling microflow.  And only a single object.

Often you need to pass more than just one single object. Two objects, since the page can have more than one page parameter. Or an object and a variable. Or an Objectlist.

Another advantage is that you would no longer need the workaround to add an association to your PassedObject, in which you temporarily save the second object. Like in

Related to, which is about a microflow's input parameters. This idea is about microflow's 'Open-Page' parameters.


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It indeed relates. So much advantages when having more possibilities when opening a page.


Possibly relates to my suggestion/idea for a "advanced show page" action

I imagine the advanced show page action to work as followed:

  • Open page via calling a microflow, the page data source becomes this microflow which will load the content and contain the 2 show page actions
  • The data source microflow has an early trigger to show the page which is action 1

    (If data was available before the trigger, make sure to resolve the containers / lists promises directly on the trigger that shows the page)
  • Mark seperate action steps in microflow to "resolve promise", these can be sub_microflows, retrieve by association, retrieve from DB, and string values for titles / labels / whatever.
  • The final action 2 must resolve all the promises in the page (any promise without data will be resolved with an error / empty state).
  • The page structure defines promised data to be resolved in action 2.
  • Allow for setting in action 1 to show the page with pre-loaders or wait till the resolve promises (action 2) is reached in the microflow.