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Run locally by default from the modeler


Can we have the Run locally button to be set as default when opening the modeler? Or at least get an option to define this somewhere in the settings? This is something I primarily encounter when working on projects that run in the sandbox because they can't be linked to a cloud node yet.

I often use the F5 button to quickly launch the runtime and if you overlook this setting upon opening a project it ofcourse starts committing your work, even when you're not ready to even be doing so.

(Can't imagine this hasn't been requested before, but a search on 'run' or 'locally' didn't yield any results )

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It’s here! In Mendix 8.4.0. Finally. F5 means run locally. Always. 


Yes, a good idea. Maybe even easier to:

  • assign <shift-F5> to Run 
  • assign <F5> to Run Locally 

IMHO this is the best way around because <F5> is the easiest and Run Locally is used more often than Run

Currently <shift-F5> is assigned to Stop, which hardly ever gets used. If need be, assign <ctrl-F5> to Stop.


I’d like to add that there should be a confirmation prompt when you Run too. Given that Run is way more than Run – it is also deploy and potentially blow up the database remotely this really needs to be something you can’t do by mistake.


is it an alphebetical order issue?

“run” is more alphebetical then “run local”

would it be as easy as changing the labels to:

“Run off site” and “Run local”



its back in mx8


daily struggle


I’m also experiencing this in Mendix Modeler v. 7.23.3. Before, in modeler 7.16 it saves the config to always run locally, but now it doesn’t have that option...


I thought it was me doing something wrong, but the option to not define the default is just not in there :(