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Improve the way Associations from one Entity to itself are displayed


It is possible, and often necessary, to create an association between and Entity and itself, to model certain hierarchies. 

The problem is that these associations are shown very poorly in the Model UI. They disappear behind the Entity. In Microflows it is possible to adjust the curve of a connecting line, which could prevent this. But in the data model, the connector lines are always straight, making it impossible to properly show self-referencing associations.

Would it be possible to automatically move these associations out from behind the Entity, so they are easier to click on and interact with?

Currently it looks like this:

You can see that half of the association is hidden behind the entity.

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how do we expose self-referencing many to many association in OData ?

After consuming this association, the area is disabled.



Mendix 7.23.6 has been released and it greatly improves the readability of self-referencing associations! Also, cardinalities (1, *) are drawn on the line instead of next to it, also helping readability.


In the Web modeler, this is looking pretty good. It think it should just look like in the webmodeler.


And make the *s and 1s never hide themselves.