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New multi-language string attribute


This idea has been posted before (not by me, but with same title), however opening the URL from search doesn't work.

Text from old topic:

Due to complications working with multiple languages inside Mendix I would like a new attribute type which allows for defining a string, and translations for each system language or language assigned to that current user setting the attribute. Basically what this should do is create a new record which is stored in a separate table per module.

[SharedModuleEntity(GUID)|Reference to System.Language/LanguageCode(String) | attributeName(String)|translation of string in language(String)| IsSystemText(Boolean)]

When editing the default values for this attribute they should be displayed as the "system texts" pane inside the main project components in Project explorer.

Category: EntityName
Item: AttributeName
Text: Editable for current selected language
Parameters: Configurable where Module.EntityName is the starting point for referencing to ...



I think this idea is still very valid and will be vary useful for many projects.

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Yes, if the search link to that topic can be fixed, we can close this one.

Still love the idea!


I recognize my own rambling from this post:

Anyways I still believe the attribute type for multi language strings should become available. And looking at the following post:

I reckon it is a very common modelling challenge which I believe should be tackled in the platform.