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Add Find or create as a native action in the modeler


I regularly create simple find or create microflows for various entities in my domain model, often concerning configuration. Since this is a quite common pattern, I think it would be nice if this functionality could be added as a native action/activity in the Mendix modeler. So, instead of having to create several microflows like these:

You can just use the 'Find or create' action activity in your microflow to find or create a certain object. Most of the find or create microflows I use contain either none or a single constraint, so it would be nice if this can be configured within the action. The action then tries to retrieve the first object that satisfies the constraint, and if not found, it will create a new object and fill the attribute based on the given constraint. 

The dialog for this action could look something like this:

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If the constraint will become an XPath configurable constraint this is an excellent idea.