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Add rename functionality for all usages of entity


When renaming an entity a prompt (yes / no) to rename all usages of this entity to the new name would be really nice. With check boxes which elements should be renamed:

- Form names

- Form titles

- Variable names (iterators, newEntityName, listnames)

- Microflow paramaters

- Associations

- etc.

For example

- Assocation: Entity Preparation is used in association PaymentReminder_Preparation, Preparation is renamed to Confirmation, the association will be renamed to PaymentReminder_Confirmation.
- Variable NewPrepartion will be renamed to NewConfirmation
- Iterator variable iteratorPreparation_2 to iteratorConfirmation_2


It would require some logic to recognize the usages of the entity and how it is used in variables etc. because of post and prefixes =) but would be a nice productivity improvement.

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Association names are renamed, but all other occurences of the entity name are not.

I can not believe Mendix did not fix this yet and that not more Mendix users have supported this so far.

Doing a clean refactor action is very hard because of this.