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Multi monitor support


Hi there,

For some time I've been thinking about this, and can't find an answer: does the Mendix Modeler support multiple screens? It would be very nice to be able to detach the window of e.g. the domain model, drag that to my second monitor, and construct a long x-path constraint on my main screen. Or when creating a new microflow that resembles another, keep one on display 2 and create the new one on screen 1.

Any thoughts about this?

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Great idea. Although I prefer on very large screen like a 3840x2160, two wide screens is also a nice combination.


I also really miss the feature to detach opened tabs in the modeler. This feature exists in Eclipse and helps tremendously to keep a better overview, for example have the domain model and one or more microflows side by side.


The only problem with simply dragging your project explorer tabs and such to the other screen is that you need to put them back on one screen before undocking a laptop otherwise the project explorer and such remain out of reach and are very hard to get back on your screen without having access to a dock :(    (or I just don't know how without resorting to messing with resolution)


You can drag the dockable windows like property grid, project explorer out of the Modeler and onto a second screen.

Also, you can drag a document next to another document to see them both at the same time. If you then resize the Modeler to span multiple screens you have something like you are looking for.

For technical reasons, the document tabs cannot be pulled out of the Modeler and onto another screen.