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Provide broken Modeler version


Please provide broken modeler versions in the app store. You could add a warning, but sometimes a developer just needs it.


7.17 is no longer available. A project was started with this modeler version. It can not be opened by another modeler. Sure, it is not a good Idea to make a release with this version, but all developers should have the chance to continue working until the fix is released. If the project is staffed all over the world, you might have developers that don't have access to the latest version. Just let them do nothing can be quite expensive and just providing a download link on your own seems not to be legal.

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@Paul Ketelaars that is assuming you are the one needing it in your team. And that you still have the installer (I usually keep it for these type of reasons so I can distribute it, but not everyone does). And I explicitly say, team, because it is not always one person that requires it if the project has started/has been upgraded with a retracted modeller and you and your teammates need to work on it but some are not able to get the installer that is an issue. We work with a global team and Mx support is not always available or quick enough, I think Andreas his solution is excellent as long as you make it very clear what the consequences are of using a specific version and Mx only retracts it when a patched version is available everyone should stay happy.


Maybe they should add something like nightly builds or bleeding edge versions of the modeler, which is quite common. 
Everyone who will use those will know, that these are not stable and can be dangerous to use. 

Advantage for Mendix would be, that the community can test new features early and prevent shipping critical issue to final releases (like the one in 7.17.0) 


@Andreas that sounds like a terrible idea in my opinion. These modelers get retracted for a reason. If it was a small known-ssue they wouldn't retract it. So when it's removed, you better believe it's serious.

Jaap's solution is fine, providing Support answers within reasonable amount of time (which they normally do).

Even then, once you upgrade your application, and the modeler is retracted, the modeler is still installed on your system, so why the need to redownload it? You could distribute it yourself is you desperately need to.


@Jaap That helps but requires time on the developers side and resources on your side. I prefer Jelle's solution. But unfortunately it seems to be only the runtime and not the modeler.

By the way, you are also not informing the developers that are already working on the buggy modeler. I did not get an e-mail warning me and telling me not to use it any longer.

I'd still prefer to be able to just download it with a warning that tells me that things WILL break when using it. But I could continue working without having the overhead and waiting time to contact the support.

What about: Hiding buggy versions by default and only provide them if the downloader explicitely clicks on "Show buggy versions as well (on your own risk)"?


They're availeble on GitHub I think?


If you need an unavailable version of the Modeler, please file a ticket with Support at instead. That way we can inform you on the risks and update you immediately once a "proper" version has been released.