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Dataview datasource XPath / Database


Currently there are 3 options for a dataview to be filled:


I would like a XPath and database option where I can use the first record found for the dataview based on the XPath constraint and or sorting.


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Rom, I honestly don't know the exact impact and mechanics of Datasource microflows, but I've always felt that they have a huge impact on interface performance. Especially when combining listviews with dataviews within each item that is loaded through a datasource microflow. Perhaps I believe that when you have a listview with child containers I feel that the queries could be combined and could return a structured JSON that could be loaded into the interface reducing the number of requests. Whereas I think datasources microflows all take up a database connection for the time they run, so if you have 50 items in your listview and you load 50 datasource microflows when landing on that page, you will easily hit performance issues when multiple users visit that page at the same time. 



Why would this be preferable over microflow?