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Translation Improvements


It is now really tedious that when you bring up the batch translate window in the modeler, that it blocks you from using the modeler. In many cases, you need to check the context of the word/phrase before writing the translation, and while you can open the page in the background, then you cannot close it, so you can imagine going through hundreds or thousands of terms, this becomes really tedious.

Also, if you are checking a particular language for completeness, there is no way to go to the translation item in the bulk translation list, so you first have to just open the page where the term is that has no translation, and then go search separately for the right term in the batch translation window.

It would be really nice if there was a more simple workflow for this, so that you could, for instance, work normally in the modeler with the batch translation window open, or if there was a way to, from the batch translation window, filter on terms that have no translation and/or show a preview of the page on which the term is shown that can be closed without closing the batch translation window.

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