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Properly display self-references


When you self-reference an entity in the domain model, the association is barely visible and hidden behind the entity itself. This makes it difficult to a) get a clear picture of all associations and b) work with/update the association from the visual representation of the domain model.


My suggestion would be to display self references with a circular line to itself. Alternatively, use the same method as with the lines in microflows where you can drag to set 'bezier' points. 

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Mendix 7.23.6 has been released and it greatly improves the readability of self-referencing associations! Also, cardinalities (1, *) are drawn on the line instead of next to it, also helping readability.


I have a dream that this will be implemented one day.


In Mx7.18.1 you can edit the reference from the association tab. So at least you now can more easily change / check the settings.





I posted the same idea months ago, but it seems no one from Mendix took a look at it: 

Hopefully they see it this time.