Re-use of datagrid with variable xpath criteria

I’m building an approval application. All requests are displayed in a grid. The business has identified many grids (all requests, my requests, closed requests, requests for travel reimbursement, requests for xyz, ...). I have configured one data grid.  It should be reused many times: always the same layout but a different filter. From what I read the Xpath filter is rather static.   I was hoping to create a snippet containing my grid; putting the snippet on 10 pages and setting the xpath filter correct on every page.   Or to have one page, one grid and a variable xpath depending on some parameter.   I searched for a solution on the web.  Some people are suggesting the filter the grid based on a microflow.  Theoretically this could work but there are issues when you have many records in the database (the filtering seems to happen in memory and not in the database) I have the impression this is a very common question.  How are the more experienced Mendix developers approaching this problem ?   Thanks   Wim
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What if you create the snippet with the grid and set the xpath constrainst to use a dataview  that allows you to set the filtering, then based on the page make sure the dataview is filled with the data needed to display the correct/needed information.