Moving list items from one list to another on same page

Hello Mendix community, I am developing an app and need some help with a microflow logic.  I have two list views next to each other on the same page.  They are both deriving their information from the same entity from the domain model.  The entity is a list of tasks, I want the left list to be “completed” but be empty upon loading the website, and the right list to have the complete list of tasks, which when clicked on are moved over to the left list.  I am just not sure how to make this dynamic function since both list views show all of the tasks when calling the same entity.  Any help is appreciated, thank you.
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This may not match your use case, but if you had an attribute on the Task entity called Completed (boolean), you could use the following XPath:

  • On the completed Listview, [Task.Completed]
  • On the not completed Listview, [not(Task.Completed)]

Create a microflow that sets the Task.Completed boolean to true (be sure the set Refresh in Client to true).  Call that microflow from a microflow button in the not completed Listview (button will be shown for each row in the Listview) or make that microflow an OnClick microflow for the not completed ListView.

Hope that helps,