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Hi all We are producing a Mendix application that can be used in multiple countries, for example in the UK and Germany, and will be using a single application to do so. The language of the application is being set by utilising the built-in language functionality, by setting the locale of the user based on the URL ( = English, and = German). Both countries will have different logos and colour schemes, which will be controlled by using different page templates within Mendix. The problem is that the Mendix application name is set from within the modeller, and cannot have a translation provided for it using the built-in language functionality. If we were to launch an app called ‘My New Application’ for example, we would need the ability to have the application name display in different translations if we are using the same app to contain both the UK and German version. Otherwise, the page titles in the browser would be in the format <<app name>> - <<page title>>, with only the <<page title>> being translated as we can control the individual page titles per territory, by using different Mendix pages.  We have created a custom widget to set this manually by overwriting the full page title in Javascript when a page loads so that we can also add ‘<<custom app name>> - <page title>’, depending on which page within Mendix the user is on, however, there will always be a delay where the original page title is shown briefly before the JavaScript has a chance to run. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to solve this issue more effectively?   
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You might want to take a look at an old forum post but still valuable:

You need to look at the Mendix sollution. You create an entity which holds the translatable text. And depending on the language setting of the user you do a retrieve of that text. This can also be used to override page titles etc. Much simpeler sollution then doing it with a widget. And you probably want to use this on more places where you want to translate the data inside your app.





Thanks for your reply Ronald. My question relates specifically to translating the application name, as opposed to the approach used to handle translations in general. As in setting the application name in the browsers page title, which in Mendix consists of the format « application name » – « page title »  


I think you should create a Mendix ticket to request this element of the app to become translatable as well. Would be useful imo.


I’ve tried to create an alternative for you:
- Remove <title> tag from the index.html in the theme folder

But this doesn’t solve it all, because once mxui is loaded from the resources it first sets the app name and only after that the appname – page title is loaded by mxui. mxui.js is not to be tempered with.

It does show really briefly only the appname, it might be good enough for you?