Custom CSS file does not exist!

I have tried to add some custom css styles to my project. There should be a custom css file in the theme folder of the project. However I could not find  that file. I have tried to create a new custom css file but it did not worked when i added some css classes and run the application. As a solution  I included my css classes inside the main css file which is not recommended but worked properly. I am using Mendix Studio Pro 8.8.1. What could be the location of the custom css file? Or what could be the best solution to generate  custom css classes for my project?
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Hi Hasan,

It not recommended to add styling the main CSS. This will give you trouble upgrading to newer version of Atlas themes in the future.

If you want to add a new CSS file, you have to reference this in  <projectfolder>/theme/settings.json

Include here the relative path, for example

"cssFiles": [

And work with SASS you can use Calyso for compiling.

Cheers, Andries



The best option is to use sass. See your theme folder /theme/styles/web/sass

See this tutorial: