How to debug neverending loading ?

Hi everybody Weird behavior : I just migrated from 8.8.0 to 8.10.0, and now when I try to navigate through the pages, one detail page don’t load anymore. The loading bar doesn’t disappear, and nothing happen. I first thought about an infinite loop inside a microflow (but why wouldn’t it happen with 8.8.0 ??), but couldn’t find any ; “MicroflowEngine” logger set to debug doesn’t show anything useful (I once had an infinite loop, and this logger was continuously displaying messages such as “microflow start/end”). My question is : is there a simple way to debug this ? Thanks !
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You could use the browser debugging tools (usually accessed through F12). In my experience, infinite loading is usually caused by incorrectly configured entity access.


Hi Francois,

Maybe one of the widgets is broken...

Have a look at the browser console. (part of the developer tools)

Good luck!

Cheers, Andries