Commit only selected changes into the team server Mendix

How do i can push only selected changes(files) of my files from a bunch of changes to push into the repository and how do i revert some of the version changes back to my current version?
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Hi Kokila, 

‘Unfortunately’ Mendix does not offer this functionality: you must commit all your changes in the model at once.
I think that the reason for this is that it's impossible to guarantee a consistent model otherwise..




Hi Kokila,

As Jeroen said, It is not possible to commit the selected changes to the repository. Mendix will commit all the changes to the repository present in the changes tab. But you can revert your changes by following the below steps 

  1. Click the Version control tab and select reverse merge changes and then select start and end revision to revert the changes




Hello Kokila,

As mentioned above by others. It is not possible to commit selected files.

That’s because the entire project is saved like compressed file (archived file) with extension .mpr

If you are aware of SVN concepts:

  1. you could install Tortoise SVN and do a little bit more than what Mendix offers out of box
  2. which includes, branching, tagging and other common features possible in SVN (Tortoise SVN)
  3. I use this a lot
  4. But still, committing selected files will not be possible (because of the above mentioned reason)