Conflicting statements in the Collaborative Development - Studio Pro ?

The two statements below are made in ‘Section 2 – Collaborative Development Overview’ Studio Pro creates a local working copy that the Studio Pro user works on. To get changes from the Team Server the user needs to click Update (the latest revision is then retrieved from the Team Server, containing commits from other Studio Pro users and the latest changes from Studio) After the Studio Pro user clicks Update, the latest changes from Studio are committed automatically to the Team Server before Studio Pro receives the update from it. The latest revision from the Team Server is merged into Studio Pro’s local working copy.   Point 4 says that an ‘Update’ will automatically initiate a ‘Commit’. I thought ‘Update’ will/should only merge changes from the main repository to the local copy.  Can anyone clarify? Thanks  
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It seems to be that the changes from studio are committed directly and then merged into your working copy.

You could see this the same as 2 people working on studio pro. In order to recieve the updates from the other person, the other person needs  to commit their work before you can get the update. Now the other person is working in studio and also needs to commit their work before you can retrieve this and this process is automated as the target group of developers for studio should not be “bothered” with commits etc.

So there is no conflict here, but a way of working that seems to be the same as 2 devs working in studio pro.