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Hi Everyone, Not sure if this is allowed so apologies if not. I will be taking the Advanced Exam in a couple of weeks (remotely) and I was just wondering if anyone had any hints or tips regarding it?  Not looking to cheat or anything like that!  Just whether there are any ares to focus on etc.  I am unable to do the classroom training so am working my way though the online academy material. Thanks
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Tips: make yourself familiar with the user story mechanism in the developer portal/sprintr as well. It's been some time since I did the exam, but they'll most likely still use it as a place to put down requirements for the project in the exam. Some details can be easy to miss if you don't know where to search for all details in a user story.

The learnings paths are definitely good practice.
It might also be worth it to take another look at (xpath) security settings if you haven't used those a lot yet. Like: make a user only see their own data in grids in the application and not only on the grid itself but at security setting level. 
Or make a user role able to manage another user role properly.
In addition when you go to the advanced developer certification details in the academy you see this list: 
Definitely recommend the learning path about proper error handling as well.


If you go through the online learning path for the Advanced Exam and practice the materials present there, you will pass the exam. 

Advanced exam you will be asked to create an app/do enhancement on an existing app. 



Also make sure you know how to use sprintr: start a sprint, start a story, accept feedback items etc