Check boxes In grid

Hi, I wanna use check boxes in my grid columns.I found some widgets like checkbox grid selector, checkbox selector.But i didn’t found how to  used that widgets.and one micro flow also in that widget how will implement this. i tried but not get results.
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Hi Disha,

The Checkbox set selector will work based on the reference set of an object

It can be defined in two ways,

Checkbox Set Selector and Checkbox Set Selector (Microflow)

The difference between two widgets is defining the data source,

  1. Checkbox Set Selector -> From database with Xpath(Optional)
  2. Checkbox Set Selector (Microflow) -> From microflow

And the checked checkbox will refer the association between the root object (Where the checkbox set selector enclosed) and the reference configured in the checkbox set selector.

Please refer the below sample configurations



Hi Disha,

You cannot have checkbox on data grid. You can add checkbox on template grid or list view and add layout grids and some custom styles to make it look like grid.


Hope this helps!