Is it possible to get event source(element id) in event triggered Nanoflow

Hello experts Is it possible to get  event source(element id) in element event triggered Nanoflow. The idea is that I have  a common Nanoflow to handle all element’s event (i.e. OnLeave events), so that I need know event source for example (source element id) . Is it possible? Thanks in advance. 
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Following is answers from Mendix team, sharing it with those who are interested in this topic 


There is unfortunately no other way possible to identify which widget triggers the common Nanoflow. However, to help you more with this query, the simple way to do it is to create a small nanoflow per widget that would just only trigger an actual useful nanoflow + pass some pre-defined parameter.

We are aware that this might not be the most suited solution to most developers, but we have this on our long-term road-map, however, no promises!