how to perform addition of two numbers and show result in third textbox when user enters value from textbox

how to perform addition of two numbers and show result in third textbox  when user enters value from textbox  
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You have to create an entity with two attributes for the values and one for the sum. Put that entity in a dataview on your page and onchange recalculate and refresh the entity.

There are two ways of doing this. The first is using the attribute’s option to calculate the value using a microflow. The second only uses nanoflow, which gives you the best ser experience, since the result will update instantanious

  • Create a non-persistent entity ‘Summerize’ having attributes ‘NumberA’, ‘NumberB’, and ‘SumOfAandB’.
  • On your page, add a dataview with as datasource a nanoflow that:
  1. creates an object of entity ‘Summerize’ and 
  2. passes that object as output parameter
  • Add ‘NumberA’, ‘NumberB’, and ‘SumOfAandB’ to the dataview
  • Create a nanoflow (not microflow) with input parameter ‘Summerize’ 
  • Give ‘NumberA’, and ‘NumberB’ an OnChange-event that triggers a nanoflow that
  1. adds A and B into SumOfAandB
  2. refreshes the ‘Summerize’-object

You need to take a couple of steps:

  1. Create a domain entity to containt the calculation

  1. You need to add the inputs on a page inside a data view control to bind the data. Also add a button to call the Microflow you need to do the calculation. 


  1. Create 2 Microflows. One Microflow will initiate a default Calc Object and return that to the data view when you load the app for the first time. Create a second Microflow that will change the object to set the value to the sum of the two inputs. 

MF1/NF1: (link/bind to the Data view) – use a nanoflow to process this in your browser (microflows execute on the server). 

MF2 / NF2: (Link to the button). I recommend you use a nano-flow to offload the calculation to your browser and not the server. 

The calculation happens in the Change Calc Action. See below:


Hope this helps :)