Import mapping does not create object

Hi all, (I use version 8.10.2 studio pro, since it was not an option i selected the latest available, 8.9.0) I am trying to use import with mapping to get an object from my httpResponse (rest call) I have a json defined, and an import mapping for the object. but when i select the activity, it shows type nothing, and gives the folowing error:   This seems very odd to me, because in my import mapping definition, it states it wil return my document object: What am i doing wrong here? or is this a bug?   Kind regards, Reinier   p.s. i already tried closing and opening studio pro again
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Upgrade to 8.10.3. That bugfix version is especially for this bug, which I ran into two days ago:



Hi Reinier,

This was a bug and was fixed in 8.10.3 Please convert your project to 8.10.3 and this issue should be solved. 

Hope this helps!