Upgrading from 5.21.10 to 6

Hey there, I need to upgrade a project from 5.21.10 (which is not supported anymore) to Mendix 6 and afterwards to 7. I have gone through the steps required (https://docs.mendix.com/refguide6/moving-from-5-to-6), and only have a few warnings regarding empty captions left. All deprecations have been removed and I checked all Java content with Eclipse. Every way I try to open the project in Mendix 6 (tried with 6.0.1 and 6.10.13) I get the same error (screenshot). Shouldn't I just be able to open the project in Mendix 6? Have I missed something in the process? Or is there a chance that it is not possible to upgrade from a Mendix version that is not supported anymore? Thanks!
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The problem you probably facing is that 5.21.10 is from a later date then the versions you tried. Try the 6.10.17 version and see if that helps.