Not able to open project in mendix studio pro

Hi, I am working on project in Mendix and I took update for snapshot from team server…. somehow it was not able to take update properly and after that whenever I am trying to open that project in studio pro, it 's giving me message –  Though I tried to merge the changes and cancel option as well but nothing works. Any help regarding this is appreciable.  
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This happened to me once. And the scenario I did to get the issue was:

  1. I was working with managing the projects in Team server using Tortoise SVN
  2. When I download the project with Mendix, it was complaining with similar message, that the project was modified outside Mendix modeler.
  3. I think I merged, committed the changes
  4. In addition, I did a very trivial changes to the settings or what so ever in my modeler and committed it once again. Then the issue is gone.


Try if this helps in your case too.


Below error I am facing while trying to choose merge changes or cancel them. Also project wouldn't open eventhough send feedback.