Pre-filtered enumeration values based on a previously selected enumeration value

Hi All,   In the image below, is there a possible way to define an enumeration set to the attribute “Systemname” which has multiple values as a list that can be defined in an entity? If this is possible, the second attribute “Systemart” in the same entity should have the enumeration list populated based on the value selected for the “Systemname” attribute. This is more like the dependent filtered list feature in Excel. However, I wanted to define them in the domain model.    Please provide your suggestions.    
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You are looking for the Constrained by function. See the documentation here with an example:







I created two separate entities where the System will have enumeration for an attribute type. This attribute should have stored enumerations (in which each value in the enumeration will pick up the specific sub-enumerated value based on selection).


How do I define the sub-enumerated values for the enumeration of the “System” attribute (Meaning: With an example System should be selected from ERP, MS package. System_Art will be filtered as a list based on the value of “System” selected)

At the domain model level, I would need some inputs.




Thank you