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Hi Guys ,  I want to use search functionality in list View for searching by fields but i am not able to find any widget for this.Please anyone Suggest me if anyone know this solution. i want to do this in native app.
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Hi Disha ,

 Right now there is no widget to acheive this functionality. Instead you can try this approach and it works quite well for me. 

  1. Have a Helper object created for the entity and you can set one to many association between the two entities 
  2. Have the search fields added as attributes in the helper entity and you can showcase the results as shown below. 


  1. Have a glance over the nanoflow shown below for setting the search results to the helper object  


Hope this helps. 


I’ve looked far and wide, and still not maybe far enough, but have not found any feature that could cater for this issue. So I’ll venter an idea as to how this could be resolved, maybe it’ll help someone, or maybe someone could direct me to a better solution.

Similar to Kamalanathan’s solution above, I created an search entity which I only associated with a user account (1..*).

Whenever I need a search this object is created and used.

On the page I added a search field, a search button and a list view which retrieves the data required over a nanoflow. The nanoflow would retrieve everything if nothing is supplied in the search field.

On the initial loading of the page all the data would be retrieved for the specific list you are retrieving.

On the pressing of the ‘Search’ button the changes would be committed for the ‘CustomSearch’ entity and the page would be closed and opened that the user is currently on. When the page loads again, the search parameters are taken into account and the list is limited to these parameters.

Using native features such as connection checking and progress animations, I made it a more bearable wait for the user.



Right now in the listview, there is no search option incase in native profile, only the sort order is available.


It's pretty easy to model this yourself in a Native app. For instance, you can use a helper-entity to enter your search-string, do a database retrieve on that search, and then return the retrieved list by a datasource nanoflow.


Hi Guys,
Thanks for answers.I want to confirm with you about some functionalities  which is support in native or not ?
like : – 1.Send Email Via SMTP like web.
             2.Data get by Excel Import.
Please help me out.


Have you tried  List View Controls widget?