How do I make that an option from a list can only be added once instead of multiple times?

  Hi, I’m dealing with a small problem here but I’m not aware how to fix it.  Situation: you can select multiple service queries per tenant. At the moment they are all already added to the tenant, but if I want to add a new one, there shouldn't be one more available. The screenshot below shows that I can select all of them. If I select and add one, it will appear twice in the list. How do I avoid duplicate queries and ensure that all queries can only be added once? If more information is required, please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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Hi Patrick, you should try to use a microflow as datasource of your reference selector. That way you can retrieve only the services that don't already have an assocation with the tenant.

Make sure that when a user edits an existing tenant to use another datasource or retrieve, so the already associated services is still available and doesn't get removed by the selector. 


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It could be something like this: