Anybody know this error

Dear All does anyone seen this error before. Thank you very much 
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Hello Wei, 

This means: other developers working with you has made changes on the same page or microflow as you made your changes locally. 

Most of the times when you update your code, the changes will be merged. But sometimes, SVN (team server of Mendix) cannot merge the code and will report merge conflicts and this has to be fixed manually.

Steps to follow:

  1. You can see the changes tab and look out for the pages or microflow with conflicted status
  2. Mostly what I would do is, since I know what I changed locally, I will right the conflicting file and click “Accept changes from theirs” option. This will remove your changes and take changes from your peers.
  3. Later I will redo my changes in the conflicting file, if needed.

Hi , 

You can see the conflicted pages or microflows in the changes pane of the mendix studio pro.

You can open the changes tab by clicking view button at the top and select changes to open changes tab at the bottom 

I hope this helps you