OQL module in combination with autonum

I have started the following OQL querie and as you see in the image it is stored in a List of CRM. 'SELECT CRM.Address Address,   CRM.Fullname Fullname,  CRM.Zipcode Zipcode,  CRM.Housenumber, CRM.ZipCode_City ZipCode_City FROM Register.CRM CRM WHERE     (CRM.Zipcode = ''' + $Postcode7 + ''' or CRM.Zipcode = ''' + $Postcode6 + ''')    and   CRM.Housenumber = ''' + $Hnr + ''' ' The problem i’ve noticed is that the autonum increase everytime you run a querie.  Here you can see the result of above query.  Any suggestion?  
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So if I understand correctly, you’re using the CRM object for output of your OQL query? I’d suggest using a non persistent entity, that way you don’t interfere with your actual data. And that thereby also prevents your AutoNumber from increasing due to your queries, since this will always increment, even when you don’t commit the objects. There’s no way to prevent that if you keep using the CRM object. See also https://docs.mendix.com/refguide7/attributes#type-1