How to enable url parameter?

Hello. I want to open a mendix page from other systems.  eg. Open the message detail page from another 3rd party web page. Message Id need to pass to tell mendix app which page and which message entity to display. How to enable mendix show parameter in browser address bar?  like :   http://localhost:8080/Message/99999   or http://localhost:8080/Message?uuid=9999 If not,  any other way to support this function?    
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In your page properties, you have URL attribute. You can fill this with /Message

To access this page, you need to use http://localhost:8080/p/Message/<id>

Read this:


Hi, I also have an issue with this. Continuing the stated solution, how can we get the {Id} of that particular entity object? I notice each entity object has their own unique ID by default, also visible in the URL when we access that object in a detail page. However, how can we obtain it programatically? Say, if I want to obtain and store that Id value in another 3rd party web server as the thread starter stated.


Or, probably, how to obtain the whole URL string, programatically? Is it possible to do it through the microflow?