How can I add alt tags in an Image

I need to add alt tags in my image (web and native app) but there isnt any option for that. The documentation says that it has been implemented from 8.6 onwards but I do not see it anywhere. Can anyone help me out here.   P.S. Using the Set Attribute widget as a workaround is only helpful for normal web applications. In native mobile app it does not help. I need a solution for native app too.
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For web there is a standard for alt-text in HTML that screen readers and search engines can use. You can add this in Studio Pro when you open the settings for the image

For native mobile, I don't think there is a standard yet? So if you mean for your native app to be usable with a screenreader for accessibility, you could probably display a string attribute on the same page as the image, or add logic to display it at certain settings. 

see also this.