BUG: Using german umlaut characters in Validation Feedback action causes newlines

If you create a microflow consisting a Validation Feedback action with a text that contains a german umlaut character “ü”, a lot of new lines appear after the text. It is not possible to delete them, as they reappear after closing the action properties with “Ok”. 
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I also raised this as a bug several months ago. There is no eta for a fix yet, but Mendix did provide a workaround:

" After the entire text has been typed into the validation message field, you can temporarily cut this text, remove all unwanted whitespaces, and then paste the text back into to the validation message field. Please note that other characters cannot be typed after pasting the text in order for this workaround to work.

Alternatively, you can also type the whole text in another text editor such as Notepad and then paste the text into the validation message activity. This way, you don't encounter the abundant amount of additional whitespace in the validation message field. ”


I noticed this in 8.6.4 last week, but thought i’d just cut and pasted incorrectly as I’m not a native German speaker. It seems to affect all diacritics. 

I’d raise this as a bug.


We are also using German language in our product. But we are using 7.23.15 modeler.

Can you check the following:

- Go to Batch translate: Use source as English and destination as German

- Find the appropriate text in English

- In the translation value for German, ensure, there are no extra lines added at the end of text

- If there are extra lines added, remove them and dont forget the apply changes in the popup

- You can also check and fix this by exporting to excel and importing back