Mendix prompts to fix non-existing errors

Hello everyone, So I’m getting into Mendix by doing “Crash Course” for already experienced developers where I’m working on Summerhill Hospital use case. My problem with this is that when I try to run the project locally, Mendix IDE prompts me message: The project cannot be displayed at this time because there are errors. Please solve the errors listed in the Error List window. But then when I look at the Error List window it displays literally no errors. Not even a warning. Is this a bug? At first I thought maybe its not running because I’m too early in development process and it has nothing to display. But at this point I have already finished 6th module, so I assume it should be able to display something. My Mendix Studio Pro version is 8.13.0. Any suggestions on what should I do?
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Did you check if 'Limit to current tab' is active?