Can I change where my Studio Pro projects are being saved as I open them from the Developer Portal?

Hi everyone, When opening a project from the developer portal, it gets saved to a certain map in my Explorer. I want to change this saving location, is that possible? It's happened multiple times now that running one of those projects locally results in an error (can not find part of the path...). If anyone has a solution for either of these problems, I would love to know! Thanks a lot in advance!
2 answers

Yes it is possible to change the folder for your project

when you download a project, just enter your preferred location


The error is possible a result of a path name which is too long for Windows to handle.


When you press ‘Run locally’  a development folder is made in your project folder with the neccesary file structure to, well, run locally. This might be the exception you're running into because the path of some of the subfolders is too long.