Mendix Version Control (Merge conflict)

Hello everyone, So, I was trying to merge my branch together with the main branch, but somehow I managed to merge together two of my revisions on the same branch instead. This lead to a conflict that looks like this: The following files are conflicted: C:\<path_to_project_\ javascriptsource\main C:\<path_to_project_\ javasource\main This is the only info I know about the conflict because the Mendix Studio Pro IDE does not provide any additional warning or change notifications on the bottom section of the IDE. So, I tried looking into these folders manually and comparing them to see what could be the problem but they just consist of other folders that are empty (javasource – actions, datasets and proxies folders. javascriptsource – actions folder). I also tried making these two destinations have the same folder structure, but that didn't seem to change anything. I use Mendix Studio Pro 8.13.0. Any suggestions on how to deal with this? Maybe revert the changes? I'm quite new to Mendix, so right now I'm pretty much in the dark...
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Hi Manfreds, 

If you have tortoise SVN, you could go to your project folder right click → Tortoise SVN –> Check for Modifications

This will give you the list of files or folders. Will be helpful to understand what changes has happened. 

If there are any java or javascript source files conflicting, you can use the Tortoise SVN diff to find and resolve the conflicts manually.

Otherwise, revert the code and redo the procedure.


So your merge is unwanted and unneccesary. You probably have not committed the result of this merge yet. Simplest way is to delete you branch locally on your laptop and then redownload it again. The unwanted merge wil be gone and so will the conflict.
Now just try again: open your main branch, Version Control → Merge changes here → Select your branch


Did you read the documentation here: ? It give you some pointers on how to solve. My gut feeling would be to just revert the merge.