Multiple entities view on one page as a single list.

Hi All, This our first app so we are newbe’s. I have a domain model with 4 entities from different data sources and I would like to create a view with attribute from the linked entities. All the data is read only in the app. Can anyone point me to the correct method to achieve this. I think i will need to microflow and loops – the highlighted attributes are the attributes that link. We have created mirco flows to display the the other entities in a different page but not on the same page.      
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I think you should start here:


Using the domain model above, you can view the three highlighted attributes on one page as follows:

  • create a datagrid on your page
  • in the Properties of the datagrid, on the Data source tab, select type XPath and Entity TCMaterialBoM_excel
  • close the properties window (if you want to see all attributes in this entity, select Yes to allow Studio Pro to auto fill the datagrid)
  • add a new column to the datagrid
  • open the properties window of this column and you will be able to traverse the associations to get to the MaterialMaster_excel or SAPStockData_excel and select the attribute you want to display

Hope that helps,