Native Phone App - Using a nanoflow to populate a List View

Hello, I’m currently creating a Native Phone App, I want to display address data in a List View. I’ve tried both data sources where you can choose either database or nanoflow. Both don’t let the list of addresses display on the page. I’ve checked security permissions for the Domain Model, Page & Nanoflow, all allow the user to have full access. The data is also definitely in the database table, I’m new to developing using the Native Mobile technology. Wondering am I missing something  out at all? Thanks in advance. P.S I’m using version 8.11.1 (it’s not an option in the drop down)
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Hi Christina


As suggested by Andries, I think you should look for a synchronisation of the data before you want to show the list.

Could you try to put a simple synchronise button to your homepage and make sure that you configure the synchronisation of the desired data via the navigation screen under the native profile. Start your app online, synchronise, deconnect and then try to test it.


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