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Hello Team,    I am trying to upload the fitness app to start to build and I am unable to upload to my Mendix studio Pro. Both Start and Finished files are not letting me upload.  The process I am taking is File-->Open Project → Selecting the Fitness_Tracker_Finish_App File...then I get a pop-up that said something went wrong with the upload pop-up. Please advise.
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Hey Guys,

Not sure what the issue is as i was able to download and open the files. Perhaps it could be a version issue although i am not sure yet.

Christopher Lucskay can you share the error message on the pop up?

Please contact me on the mendix community slack channel so I can try resend you the original files. 





Hi Christopher Lucskay

Please can you move your project directory to be somewhere directly on your C drive, something like C://Mendix/Fitness-tracker.


This is because if your file path is too long, Studio Pro throws the error as it can’t read all the sub folders of the node modules within javascriptactions.


Let me know if this works!