Viewing complete commit history on branch deletion

On our project we have multiple branches. I understand that I can view the full commit history of each branch, but given that some of those branches are now redundant I would like to remove them. Once removed is there any way of accessing their commit history, alternatively is there a way to view the full commit history of the project.   I cannot find any reference to this in the documentation:
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In the teamserver overview of the project, the revisions of the delete branch are still available, including the commit message and referenced user stories/tasks.

Though the actual changes on particular documents cannot be viewed anymore. Which can only be done in studio pro.


Hello Joe,

The Studio Pro Version Control system is built on top of SVN (Until Mendix 9 where Git will be introduced :) ). You can use TortoiseSVN ( ) to get information about all the branches and compare them in different ways (for example, see