Duplicate values in Reference Selector and Disabled form elements while using multiple entities on a single page.

Hi All,     - I'm consuming the User REST data, which is have 3 records of user information and i can see the list of 3records on separate page. its working fine. When I bind the UserName from the list using reference selector on the Add_Timesheet page, the records are duplicating in the dropdown each time I’m running the application.     - Another issue is, In the Add_Timesheet page, the User dropdown only is accessible(its from UserEntity through root). But in the same page, the Timesheet Entity elements are in read-only/disabled mode. how can i make it editable while adding the timesheet. Please help me to fix these two issues..  
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Hi Vinoth,

A rest call creates new objects on each request. You can also define to match an object by key, so values are updated