Module Role No Longer Exists Error

Hi all, After completing Project Security User Settings, an error displaying “The selected Module Role  ‘MyFirstModule.User’ no longer exists. How can i get through this error? Has anyone else experienced something similar or has ideas to further debug the issue?
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Hey Nayan,

Usually this error crops up when you had previously set the ‘Allowed roles’ on a page or microflow, but the roles outlined in the module or project have changed and just need to be updated. The way I usually handle this is go to the affected page (For you this would be Course_Overview) and open up the ‘Properties’ tab on the right hand side where the Toolbox is displayed. Once you get into properties you should see an ‘Allowed roles’ field that you can edit by clicking on the elipse menu, and then you just need to uncheck the ‘User’ role in this case, or configure it with the correct roles.

I hope that helps!


The error says the name of the role has been changed in your module roles, check your module roles clearly and go to your project settings and map the user roles accordingy.