Array processing in JSON

I am trying to do input mapping to the Ghibli api but it is a multi-level array and it does not create any domain model except a Root entity. Any thoughts?      
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In the mapping you probably did not select all elements:

make sure to use the expand all button and then the check all button.

The when mapping the import mapping automatically all entities are created:


Hi Alan, 

  1. First create a JSON Structure (Picture 1) and rename some of the 2nd/3rd level element into a meaningful object/attribute name. 
  2. Then create an Import Mapping (Picture 2) selecting the json structure as the schema source, and ticking the right attributes.
  3. Now press “map automatically” (Picture 3) and a nice domain model is generated.
  4. To complete the data model repeat these steps with the json structures from
    1. "",
    2. "”
    3. ""
    4. “"
  5. Now create your REST GET actions.

Go make it / have fun!