How to make a link/URL to an already filtered list view with list view controls or a data grid?

I have a use case where I would like to make a link/URL to a page with list view controls already filtered. Right now I can only make a link to a page with list view controls that requires the user to manually filter the list view after going to the page. Can I send an object to the page or configure the Deep Link module in such a way to make a pre-filtered list view with list view controls? If not, can I make such a pre-filtered link with the built in DataGrid or some other way? What are my options for this use case aside from building myself a modified version of DataGrid or List View Controls? I’m using studio pro 8.14.1 but that version is not available at the time I write this.
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What i would think of… 

  1. You could use a search helper object. Change the page so it has the search helper as main dataview, with a the list or grid in it. Upon loading the page associate the subset of objects you want to show with the search helper. You can do this when coming from a deeplink if you add the search parameters to the deeplink  & its microflow, and when you come from another page or menu. This implies fixing your own list search functions… It might be a bit tricky performance wise depending on the amount of data when selecting “all". 
  2. Change the page so that it expects a list of objects and each time the page is loaded fill this list based on search criteria entered on the page itself or in a deeplink, like above. Also this implies haveing a search-helper object and building your own filter…