Single System Image per object

I have an entity with the generalisation system.image. I am capturing the image using native mobile and the device camera. I only want to have one image per object but give the user the option of replacing this image.  When i take a replace image and capture it, it seems to be saving this as a second (or third etc) image and not replacing the original. The image viewer always shows the first(original) image. Is there a way to only have a single image per object and replace it with any new image that is taken? Thanks for any help please.
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Hi Gareth, I also encountered this issue and did not receive any feedback with regards to this.

Perhaps you can try this for a solution, this is how I achieved the “one-to-one” association.

When the user selected to add an image I created an image object, if 1 already existed I replaced the previous one in the association. 

You could also add a boolean to the image object ‘isDeleted’ and use a many to one association with the parent object. When the user “changes” their image, you mark the previous one as deleted and add the new image to the list of images. On the page side, you could use visibility properties as a means to display only the image that is not deleted.