Configuring Flat File Importer module

We downloaded the module Flat File Importer, but are having a lot of trouble with how to get started. We were only just introduced to Mendix a month ago and do not have any background in programming. We can't quite figure out exactly what this module does and how everything is connected. We tried following the Setup and Configuration guide on GitHub but are having trouble finding everything. We think we managed the setup, but now the configuration is causing us a lot of trouble. Is there another manual/guide somewhere other than the one on GitHub ( as we find that it is more geared towards experienced developers? Or can anyone explain how to get started on the configuration? Thank you!
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The configuration needs some input as a definition for how to access the files and what files will be used at first.

The interface name is just an name for the configuration.

FIles can be placed in a queue ( a mendix entity where you upload the files) or read from disk (only for a situation where you have acces to the disk). With the last option you specify which type of files need to be read from the directory in the file extension field.

In the type of file field you define if you will be processing delimited (character separated files) or files where specific positions in a line of a file contain the data for a specific attribute.

When you are importing a csv file you’ll choose the delimited option and indicate the character separating the values, in the example above this is a semi colon.

And you can set the character encoding of the file (important in some cases)

Once you have this you will need to configure where the data of the file will be imported to. So which entity will hold the data from the file. The options for this field will be available from the Model reflection model so please make sure to sync this correct modules from this module’s functionality to be able to select the data here.

Once you have selected the entity you save the configuration and will be able to map the data to the attributes of this entity in the grid at the bottom.

Lets say we import the data into the entity Person that has the attributes First Name, Last Name and City.

You csv file constains data like below:


Doe;John;New York


Then in the mapping of the columns create a column 1 and select the attribute Last Name, create a second mapping and map the attribute First Name, etc.

Save the configuration and to test this (assuming you used the queue 1) Add a file to the queue , go back to the configuration and press the Test button. Review the data in your Person overview page.

I hope this helps a bit in understanding the working of the module, if you need more please feel free to reach out via my profile on the Mendix site.


Thank you!

As we understood the configuration should be done within Studio Pro from the InterfaceDefinition_Overview form, but it seems now that it should be done from within the app. 

We have uploaded a .txt file to our queue:

We tried to fill out the boxes on the interface definition page:

When we try to select an entity it is empty, so we assume that we have not done the configuration correctly. We tried to look into this again but can’t seem to figure out how to do it. The only places within studio pro where we can see the mention of synchronization are here:

But when we open these we don’t know what to do.

Are we on the right track? and how do we synchronize?

Thank you again!