Controls in microflow based on Roles

Hi I have a Grid in a page which is tagged to a microflow as below. The page is visible for two module roles: Admin and User   The purpose of the microflow is to show a Page. What I want here is to do is I want to show 2 different pages for two different role in the same microflow. If the User logs in it should takes to User page and vice versa for admin. Can we control that in microflow based on roles? Please advice  
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As i understand correctly, you wish to use the same page and show the same list view to users of two different roles.

But depending on the role, the on click event should behave differently.

There are several options for this.

You could add the same listview to the page twice. Make one visible for admin and the other for user. Downside is that when a user has both roles, he sees both list views, which can be confusing.

Another option is to use the same microflow for both roles and check if $currenrUser has the role of admin or user by retreiving the userrole with a retrieve activity:

and then do a split to decide what to do next in your microflow.

I hope this helps.


Yes you can do that, give the microflow user role access, you can find this option from microflow properties as given in the below picture

Give same user role access to your page too. You can find that option from page properties tab

Be careful while dealing with user roles. Thank you