Refresh page parameter object that is nested with a object in association microflow

I have an dataview where a page parameter object that contains a nested dataview with a object in association. In that dataview i got a snippet that calls a microflow with parameter of the child object. (see image) how can i ensure that the parent object of the page parameter get refreshed? is there even a possibility for that? Maybe via Java or Javascript action?   this is a simple overview of the associations One Learning path -> multiple Modules -> multiple Lectures   from lecture level perspective One Lecture -> Assigned to a module -> assigned to a learning path   I try to find a way how to identify the object type of the current page and object guid, to identify it is a lecture and get the id of the lecture and refresh that in a action (maybe in nanoflow) Some java actions that can help for microflows: refreshClass refreshClassByObject getGuid Some Nanoflow actions that can help GetObjectByGuid GetGuid RefreshObject   I'm aware there are other workaround solutions for this, for example to create a microflow around the action that refresh the page but i'm curious if there is a nicer way to do this. since this snippet is also used on other pages. as being mentioned in  -
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The most common solution would be indeed to retrieve the LectureVersion objects from the microflow that is within the snippet, and refresh this object. Even if this is not required every time.

I understand that the snippet is used mutliple times, also in occassions where you don't want to refresh the LectureVersion object. Is there a way based on the data that you can check this? For example; if in your example case a specific boolean is set, you can check on this boolean and determine if you want to do a refresh.

Another option would be to create a polling mechanism with a microflow timer to check if something is changed and then do the refresh. This is however not realtime.